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Chef opérateur pellicule Stanislas Cadéo

I was born in 1986 in Toulon, France. I live in Paris.

After technical Audiovisual Image studies, at Jacques Prevert BTS in Boulogne-Billancourt, I graduated with a Master II Cinema Research from Paris-Sorbonne. I started my career as a camera assistant, then as cinematographer. In 2013, I directed "Le Dernier fil à la patte", a short film that extends my aesthetic research in natural lights. I explore non-verbal, icy and absurd visual atmospheres (Nektàr mini-series). 

Each film is a prototype, each director is unique. Close attention must be paid to allow this encounter, I attach a great importance to the human relationship that is woven during our collaboration.

I am a part of the NOU collective, regroupment of directors, visual artists and former programmer of the projection cycles L'Affriche (Montreuil), Cinéma écrans voisins (Paris). Today, I continue my work on independent projects (documentary Touché by Béatrice Plumet around the contact of a healer with his patients, Baïkal symposium documentary by Chloé Laumonnier, shot in Siberia around an artistic and scientific residence, or finally the cineplastic and fictional work Hunter Nights by Pierre Pascual), alternating with various projects of fictions and comedies for the web, or advertising orders.


CV Stanislas CADEO.pdf
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